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Her son was vaccinated for chicken poxs, but she thinks he has them.<br>
So, if he does I have my son thats 4.5 years old that has not been vaccinated that has not had them. Should I expose him? I know I want him to have natural immunity but now that he may be able to get it I am a bit worried.<br>
Also, alittle monkey wrench to throw in is that I have not ever had them but I have had 1 vaccine after I had my son they gave me 1 and I never went back for the 2nd. When I was pregnant they tested me 3 times to see if I have natural immunity and it always came back inconclusive.<br><br>
If we do decided to expose ourselves how long am I looking at being down with this and how sick? My son still nurses btw.<br><br>
Thank you for any input!!
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