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Friend's tiny baby...

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We just got an email that a former co-worker of dh's just had a baby. She was about a month early, and they did a planned c/s b/c they suspected failure to thrive (didn't know that could be a prenatal condition too...). So the baby was THREE lb, 4oz!!! I was SHOCKED! Dh and I are reading the email at the same time, and he says, "Well, she smoked the whole time--doesn't that cause low birth rate?!" I was so impressed w/ his knowledge! Then he went a step farther when talking to the friend on the phone a couple days later. He asked her about breastfeeding, gave her some good info, encouraged her to contact me or someone close (I'm an LLLL). He was so proud of himself--me too!

Anyway, I'm sad about her tiny baby and having to stay in the NICU for a while. And that it probably was preventable... But so happy that she is breastfeeding and making that happen.

I was just so shocked at that low weight.... I guess the docs made a good decision...??? I'd like to know the condition of the placenta. So many questions...

Just thought I'd share!
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I wonder if she has antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, which I do, makes me prone to miscarryng/stillbirth due to clotting, blood thinners keep me pregnant. Even on the blood thiners Emmas was 5 lbs, 14 oz at 38 weeks, she stopped growing in the last few weeks. Anyways, there could've been many small clots in my placenta, even though it looked normal to the doc, unfortunately she didn't send it in to be analyzed so that w'd know if my condition caused her low birth weight. Anyhoo, there are so any things that they could test her for, hopefully they do if there is something that could help prevent issues with future pregnancies.
Here's a link to another thread about preemie resources and info:
Might also want to try looking up intra-uterine growth restriction or retardation too. Here's one link I found in a Google search.
awww... i hope the babe is ok.
i hate to see pg moms smoking...
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