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froggy style

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My twins are 4 mo. old and my favorite is the mei tai. i haven't used it in a while and want to get back into it however my babies have got much bigger and I'm wondering if they're too big for folding their legs froggy style?
They weigh 15 lbs.
I've also tried experimenting with their legs hanging down but i felt like dd was going to slip through and i also tried with their legs out to the sides; one leg hung down nicely and the other one kind of stuck straight out so i wondered if that was uncomfy. i guess i should just ask if their is an "ideal" hold for a 4mo baby?
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It depends on the size of baby (leg length) and size of mama. If they're comfortable and safe froggy style then no worries.

My DD is about 16 lbs. Her feet have been out of the MT for several months. Sometimes it takes a little adjusting to get her in straight. If your babe is sitting in the MT you'll probably feel more comfortable and not like she's going to fall out.
Good luck!
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