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My 10 month old likes to be carried so that he can see me (and currently, bite or smack my bare arms, chest or face
: ). He also is a wiggler who does not hang on. He likes to twist around, hang out and reach for things, stand up and try to walk up my belly while in a carrier.

Although I don't notice any pain, I am getting headaches from carrying him in both my wrap (kangaroo carry) and mei tai. I have an Ergo, but it's not very comfy in the front. I've tried the Ellaroo Hip Mei Tai but because DS won't hang on and tends to hang out most of the time, it feels like he's going to fall out.

I'd love to carry him on my back, but right now that's not an option. Can anyone recommend a front carrier to try that's easy on the shoulders/neck and that can handle a 20+ pound monkey?
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