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Front carriers, eg. Snugli?

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I just came across a reference on a different forum...the dads one, I front carriers not being ergonomically good for baby. Does anybody have any information on this? I've used my Snugli extensively with both babies, and planned to do so with baby-under-construction, as well.
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There is some evidence that prolonged use of a front carrying that allows the legs to hang straight down a la Bjorn or Snuggli puts a lot of pressure on the spine and hips of the infant. That's one of the reasons some people prefer a MT or Ergo-type carrier; they are wider and so bring the baby up into a seated position, taking pressure off the hips. Whether this is definitive or not, I have no idea. I really don't know what amount of time is thought to be too long. Perhaps shorter trips in the Snuggli are fine.
Most front carriers in department stores have been shown put stress on baby's pelvis. I personally don't own any of the newer front carriers you get from the store, so I don't know if this has been remedied. I am off to find some links.
Thanks - that was interesting. I may look into a sling, although I'm not sure how much of that applies to my Snugli. I have the same one I got from a friend when ds was born in '93. It's not one of the modern rigid ones. Baby does have a little seat he/she sits in, but they're not propped up rigidly. The baby just kind of curls into me and snuggles up...usually with his/her legs curled up, as well.

I'll see if I can find anything else on this stuff. I also use a backpack, but I don't use it until baby can sit by her/himself, anyway.
There's a great link somewhere on Kaire's site about this -

My Snuglis I had several different styles. The ones that aren't good are the ones where baby's hanging there with legs straight down, kwim? Baby should be in a sitting position w/ legs at 90 degrees.

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That sounds more or less like mine. I think it's probably okay. I do know that ds is 12, and healthy and athletic as can be. But, I don't know if that kind of spinal problem would show up yet, or would manifest later in life?
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