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Front snap dipes w/two rows of snaps

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Can you help me find front snapping diapers with two rows of snaps - for example, like Mommymade, Samuel's Fitted, and Sweet Peas. These seem to fit DS the best and they are my DH's favorite kind.

However, I can never find any Mommymade in stock or for sale, Mom & Me Creations Samuel's fitted (our favorite) are closed for custom orders for the time being and I can't find out much info about Sweet Peas.

Links Please!

Thanks and I hope someday to be able to give such wonderful advice as what I've received here.
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Are you on mom and me's yahoo list? I thought she said she would be taking custom orders soon? Hope I'm remembering that right.

Other wise I'm no help sorry
What about sugarpeas? Sign up for Carrie's list - she tends to stock often.
FluffyMail They carry little caboose diapers. They are front snapping with 2 rows of snaps. HTH
If you like the idea of pocket diapers, try Fuzzibunz...
Thanks for all the help so far! Any more?

Janessa- Yes, I'm on Jen's list. Unfortunately I need some ASAP even though I will be ordering some from her when she opens. Also, I can't afford all Samuel's Fitted - although I wish I could.

campingmumma - Thanks but I guess I should have specified two rows of snaps you snap each time, not two rows for size ...does that make sense?

Sweetfeet - I checked out that site - that's a good possibility.

wawoof - I have tried Fuzzibunz and they weren't my favorite. Also, a little expensive for me when I need to buy more Joey Bunz as well. But thanks for the suggestion!
Uh oh, you're in trouble now:

fitted dipes with 2 rows of snaps


Also Freshies makes these, you might be able to find one used, she's in transition right now
I really like my sweet peas- I have 5 of them and 1 older one. WHat is it you want to know? They are trim and cute- I like botht he aplix and snaps. THey are moderate in absorbancy- if you have a heavy wetter they may not work. Great for daytime.
She was looking for 2 rows of snaps& FMBG has one row (but fits great with no wing droop.)
AmarasMom here makes them this way. I have a friend who owns two of them and really likes them. You could PM her and ask about them.
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