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Front snapping stretchy wool covers?

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Now that I'm officially able to use wool (just requires care when lanolizing so I don't get too much on my skin).....

I'm thinking about trim, stretchy material, wool covers that snap in the front.....

any thoughts?
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Loveybums? I just got a beautiful wool cover from Pam today, I ordered aplix, but snaps are available!
patchwork pixie, depending on which you buy(I bought one felted because I like it that way, LOL)

I keep trying to think of reasons to buy more... but short of getting preggers, I just don't need more wool. If I did, I'd have her wool in EVERY color, I kid you not!!
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I second Patchwork pixie! I have 3 and I love them!! They are soft, stretchy, and so trim!!
Well, twist my arm! I went and ordered one from Loveybums...

I will have to look at PPixie too.....
I have three Pixies and three luvybums. I have to say the loveybums are better! They stretch SO much more and the wool is softer for certain. I REALLY love them. No leaks. They hold in lots of pee too!
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