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Frozen B-Milk in checked baggage. How?

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Has anyone BTDT who can advise me on flying with frozen breastmilk? We have about six 8 oz bottles we need to bring with us as I'm working for part of our trip. It's an 8 hour flight, and I'm a crap pumper, so this stuff simply has to make it in good shape.

Just a regular cooler with ice packs? Anything I may not be thinking of?
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You don't have to check it if you are taking the baby with you. You just have to make it available for inspection when you go through security, and tell them "I have breastmilk in this cooler"
One of the human milk banks (I don't know about the others) has moms put the frozen milk in a small cooler, then put newspaper in any open spaces. I don't know if that would work for an 8 hour flight though. You might want to contact a milk banked and get a suggestion. I have heard of using dry ice in the past, but honestly don't know if that's still being suggested.
I'm so not a mama yet, but I once flew cross-country with White Castle hamburgers for a boyfriend who had moved and missed them.
I bought a styrofoam cooler and some dry ice, packed the extra space with newspaperk, taped it up incredibly securely, and checked it with no problems. Everyone laughed at me at the baggage claim.
So at the very least, the airline had no problem with it in my to see if dry ice is okay...
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