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Frugal breakfast ideas?

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Currently my DP eats only yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I'm trying to cut down on my grocery bill a little, maybe by 100 or so monthly. The amount of yogurt he eats costs $2.50 a tub and he eats a whole tub every morning. No, I don't want to switch to a cheaper yogurt... I just want to cut back if there are cheaper options! The problem is, DP has food issues and he's very picky. I need lots of ideas for frugal breakfasts and maybe get him to cut back to 1/2 a tub daily. Thing is, what can I replace that with that will be cheaper?

I am not a picky eater and eat anything for breakfast from eggs, bacon, oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt, fruit, toast, cereal, etc. DP used to eat cereal but has since decided he doesn't like it. He will eat eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes... but not oatmeal or toast. I don't really want to make a huge breakfast of eggs every morning, because he won't eat them unless they are with meat, which we only do once a week both for cost, time and health. And I don't want to have to make pancakes every morning either... it's a lot of work and mess and he wouldn't like to eat them every day anyway. Any other breakfast ideas that are cheap and easy?

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We eat alot of bagels and toast. I try to make up a big quiche on weekends with leftover veggies and sausage and dh and I eat that all week.
can you try making your own yogurt and see if DS will eat it?
Making your own yogurt is cheap and easy, and it tastes better than the most expensive storebought yogurt, imo. I like the simplicity of a yogurt maker. I use this one:
Make a simple granola with oats and dried fruit?
Homemade muffins, loafs, pies, apple crisp with yogourt as a garnish? Potato pancakes or homefries are dirt cheap. Try this steam or boil extra potatos with dinner and don't mash them. The next morning cut them into chunks and fry with some onions until golden. Cheap and tasty and fast. DD eats them almost every morning, so did I when I was a kid.
I find French toast is easier than pancakes for cooked breakfast.

Also I like left over rice heated with milk and a bit of sugar. It's a bit like oatmeal but the texture is better.
What about just leftovers from the day before? We do that all the time at our house. I don't think the first meal has to be "traditional" breakfast foods, yk?

Another thing I meant to suggest is, if you don't want to make a big breakfast every day, what about cooking up some pancakes on the weekend, IQFing them, and storing them in the freezer. Then you can pull them out as you want.
At some point during the week I usually cook up a whole pot of some whole grain. We have it on hand when we need for dinners & my daughter LOVES it for breakfast. She'll eat anything... bulgar, millet, quinoa.

Brown rice is cheapest around here, so lately I've been buying that. She calls it "cereal & milk"
I don't know if he's oatmeal specific, but if not it's worth a shot!

I also second the yogurt making idea. I love my yogurt maker. I buy a gallon of milk for 1.99 & make yogurt with a quart of it. Still plenty of milk for "cereal and milk"

You don't have to have a yogurt maker... I think there's a good thread in TF... but it's one of my favourite convenience items

My daughter loooves bacon & eggs. I know this is like, crunchy heresy... but from one mom to another, I stick cracked eggs in the microwave (covered!) for 1m, check, usually 22 seconds more.
l also make a 1/2 lb of bacon kept cooked in the fridge & nuke too.

Not the crunchiest method, but I'm not much of a morning person. I can be pretty cranky before a good 2 cups coffee.
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I also would just make yogurt. If you use a counter-top/room temperature yogurt starter, you wouldn't even need a yogurt maker. Might be easier than getting him to switch off his favorite breakfast. Making yogurt (particularly if you use a culture that self-perpetuates) costs the same as milk which is often about half the cost of commercial yogurt.
I usually make a large amt of waffles & pancakes ahead of time, then freeze them.

Quick & easy breakfast for anyone who's hungry to toss in the toaster or microwave.
Ok, so if he loves yogurt and fruit, what about making up parfaits in tall containers where you layer the fruit and yogurt, and sprinkle some granola on top. Looks very appealing and you can probably use half the container without him even realising it!

Also, you could mix some homemade yogurt in with his fave, to make it stretch.
Wow, thanks for all your replies!!

I have actually made lots of my own yogurt in the past, not with a yogurt maker but just using some local yogurt as a starter, heating up milk, etc. That worked well, and he liked it. I should probably do it again, but I get lazy... all the cooking from scratch, plus baking my own bread, making my own yogurt... I got a little burned out. Felt like I was in the kitchen allllll day kwim? So maybe I can combine that with something else.

The freezing pancakes is a good idea, although I'm not sure he'd like to eat them more than once a week anyway. He's not a huge fan. He's very picky! uurrgh this is going to be hard... no he doesnt eat quick breads or muffins or any of that, nor would he be open to eating quinoa or leftovers for breakfast. All that's left I can think of are fruit drinks, which I'm not really sure would end up saving all that much money. Maybe for a month or so, until all our frozen fruit from last summer is gone.

I might try rice pudding. I make it for myself for breakfast and love it and he's always thought it was weird... but then the other night he was saying his mom used to "make this desert I really liked with rice, milk and sugar" LOL... "um, that's rice pudding!"
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Heh, I totally feel you re: cooking from scratch. I've just finally gotten in the groove of it. I set stuff up (warm milk or knead dough & set out to rise) & then do everything else. It's easier when I'm not "waiting around" for stuff to be ready to prep.

My daughter has honey on her "cereal and milk." It's pretty much rice pudding. I'm sure he will like having dessert for breakfast! What kid wouldn't?

My daughter loooves my homemade bread too & often has a peice with honey butter & a glass of milk for breakfast. At $0.79/2 loaves It's a total bargain.
my dh loves him some raw revolution or larabars for breakfast and even lunch when he doesn't get a break. if you try them, we highly recommend the cashew & spirulina flavor of raw revolution bar and both the apple pie and the key lime pie flavors of larabars. they're not dirt cheap, but less than 2.50 ea; on sale or purchased by the case is around 1.30.

I was kind of under the impression that if you eat a LOT of yogurt... making your own would be not so practical... I eat a lot of yogurt so kind of thought I shouldn't bother. Am I wrong? Should I try? Of course now I feel like I don't eat so much... I eat 1/2 a tub a day...

What do you mean by tub?? The 32 ounce size? If so 2.50 sounds cheap to me!!! What kind?

Have you tried to find it cheaper? Some places will give you a discount if you order by the case. So maybe you could get the same stuff for a little less money... Maybe not to the tune of saving $100 but somewhat less...

Also depending on what brand you use - I have seen huge tubs of mountain high at Costco...
I pay $1.99 for a gallon of milk.

4 quarts in a gallon = $0.49 per quart of yogurt

That's $0.49 for 32 ounces of yogurt!
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