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Originally Posted by hunnybumm
AND my Ins won't cover free standing BCs.
Make sure to double check that. The one Birthing Center that is actually covered by Tricare Prime in the area I'll be birthing is freestanding. This is a good link to check out.

I do hear you on the frustration, though. I just spent a good chunk of my afternoon on the phone with Tricare trying to locate an in network homebirth midwife. So far, much in line with what I suspected, there aren't any. THEN I spent the other half of the afternoon trying to get a lead on a homebirth friendly OB who would refer me out to homebirth midwife.

I am feeling just plain drained.

And dh doesn't really get it. I mean, he's supportive, but supportive also in the fact that he's like, "If it's this much hassle just go to the hospital!"
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