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I sent info to sister who will have her 3 boy anyday now. Of course she thinks I'm crazy. I'm just mad now that I know I wont be able to convince her, even though I knew that before I even tried. Just cant stand it. And she had lots of problems with #2's circ and even had it re done!!! She talked about how terrible it was, but still cant consider anything else. "Be careful what you read on the internet, you can find support for anything" ya, same for you! And the tired, "I saw old men in the nursing home and its gross" and you know men, they don't wash right". I cant stand it! I'm just ill.
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It's not the Internet, it's the AAP. Tell her the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't recommend circ.

But it sounds like her mind is closed.
So don't beat yourself up too much if your nephew gets cut.
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Tell her I been with a intact man and he washed with 'soap/water even before dtd every single day. The only way my now ex stunk was by farting too much .

I know another of my relatives who was with Down Syndrome he was intact but very overzealous clean

Well, my grandpa who was forced into circ in WW2 at 21 who is now in his 80's He does not even wash himself because he can not walk that well.

He does not want a nurse to help him and boy he is very stinky , his hair is getting really crusty and he sits in Peed in Pants which he don't even realize his pants have Pee in them. Then he puts on the 'same pants' the next day because they are the closest.

I have been to a 'nursing home too' I volunteered in nursing home from 8th grade to 10th for summer help and there were only 2 ppl I saw unclean

My old babysitter who ended up in the nursing home -she suffered strokes and now my grandpa who is the worst case of lack of cleaness I ever seen.
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