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FS: 2 Ellaroo Wrap *BOTH SOLD THANKS*

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All prices PPD, funded PP or CC+fees please.

Ellaroo Small LaRae -- EUC SOLD
Ellaroo Rebozo Aloe -- Unused/Washed 1x $45 SOLD

pix of fabric here:
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is the Ella Roo still available?
if so, how long is it?
measured 3.8 out of the dryer. may stretch a bit with wear.
emailed you back too-
can you wear your little one on your back with this length?
it really depends on your size
i am 5'4", 12 lbs (non-pg) and can do this (FWCC I think)

You can also do a rucksack and IIRC a tibetan carry (both back carries) with this lenth.

Thanks that does help

Are you ISO anything?
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right now, no. just finished up my trading for all the stuff i needed for the new babe (dues in 2 weeks!).
sorry! normally i have a huge ISO list.
I'm interested in the Larae wrap!!!!!!
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