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I LOVE these dipes, but they have to go. We use CPFs now because we have a diaper service and I have no washing machine anymore (moved to apartment)!

No pics, but here's the description:

1. Hunter green PUL exterior, cotton interior. I am not a diaper expert, so I have no idea what's inside. Front snaps, adjustable. Slight staining on inside. This dipe fit ds at 18 lbs to 26 lbs with plenty of room to grow! No leaks, excellent dipe.

2. Cream PUL exterior, smokey blue terry-cloth-like interior. Front snaps, adjustable. Again fit ds from 18 lbs to 26 lbs with room to grow. No leaks, excellent dipe.

Take 'em both for $13 ppd.

PM me if interested. Thanks!

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