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FS: 34DD Bikini- 3 piece

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This is a GORGEOUS bikini set that I have worn no more than three times. Those of you that wear a 34DD know how difficult it is to find a two piece in this size. I paid over $125 for this three piece set, but I will never wear it again (stomach isn't so pretty after kids), so I want it to go to someone who will! This set is made by Sunsets. The top is a size 34DD. The straps are adjustable, and the back has two different slots to clip in, so band has a little adjustability. It has underwires. The bottoms are a size small. There is a small amount of pilling on the back side from sitting on the side of the pool, but it isn't bad at all. They are high on the waist and have high cut legs. The skirt is a size medium. It is all in a turquoise and aqua tie-dye fabric with white daisies painted on. I am asking $20ppd for the set. Funded paypal only, please!! Here are several pictures
All three pieces
Fabric detail
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Just wanted to mention that I'm a 34DD too, and its frickin impossible to find a bathing suit!!!

I'm sure you won't have too much trouble selling yours...
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Are the straps 'adjustable'...meaning can you crisscross them in the back? Or just use one strap wrapped around your neck?
ie can the straps be removed from the top?
No, the straps are attached. They adjust as far as shortening or lengthening them, but they are sewn on.
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