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Looking for paypal, need to get rid of stuff and not replace it with more stuff.
Will consider offers, too. No stains, not really any wear at all.

1. Children's Place xs (4) 100% polyester fleece, long sleeve top, small zipper at neck, hooded...two little side pockets. perfect condition. $6 ppd

2. gap stretch size 4, long sleeve, navy blue, with a little sparkly heart in the middle of the chest. 95% cotton, 5% spandex. $3ppd

3. gap size 4 100% cotton long sleeve light blue with darker blue tiny flower pattern...super cute. It has a hook & eye style button with a keyhole opening at the back of the neck, and the neckhem is a tiny (1/4 inch) strip of light blue velour. $4ppd

4. Red 100% polyester bootcut sweatpants, white racing stripe down the side, little strawberry, flower, star embroidery decoration on the left ankle. elastic waist. tiny tiny bit of pilling at hte knee, but in really great shape. size 4. $4ppd

5. ****SOLD****Old Navy 4t black 100% polyester fleece bootcut pants, drawstring waist, side pockets, pretty much daughter hated the way fleece felt against her skin.

6. baby gap size 4 lined khaki pants...elastic waist, fake drawstring. they're lined all the way down with 100% cotton t-shirt sort of material (the khaki's are also 100% cotton). side and back pockets. There is a rip along the waistband of these, about an inch long in the front, goes all the way through the first layer of material...I used them as playpants, and it would be covered by a longer shirt. Otherwise really good condition. $4ppd

I have 3 sets of size 4 twopiece baby gap jammies, too, if you're interested.

Oh, pic...just one, and not very detailed (my ds LOVES the camera, ) but here it is...I can take detailed ones later if you want. Oh, and non-smoking, stored in a sealed tupperware.
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