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FS: All my Cherished Teddies

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I'll can sell them individually or as a lot. Make me an offer I can't refuse! They are so cute, I just don't have room for them. Here is the list, l can send you a pic of each via email. They are all in excellent to mint condition and all come with original box, packaging and certificates. Shipping is $2 each or combined shipping depending on # you buy.

Sedley-We've Turned Over a New Leaf On Our Friendship5341021999
Retired June 30, 2001

Bianca-Sweet Dreams My Little One5332971999
Retired June 30, 2001

Joyce-Plant a Rainbow and Watch it Grow3027671997
Retired June 30, 2001

Norm-Patience is a Fisherman's Virtue4767651998
Retired Sept 25, 2004

Aiming for Your Heart1035941994Suspended 1995

Nina-Beary Happy Wishes2158641997Out of Production

Melinda-I'm Only a Hop, Skip and a Jump Away If You Need Me6618212000Retired Sept 6, 2003

Dawn "You Don't Have To Search To Find Your Rainbow"7390492001Retired Sept 25, 2004

Kimberly - Summer Brings a Season of Warmth. 2033351997
Retired Fall 2001

Irene...Time Leads Us Back To The Things We Love The Most 4764041999Retired Sept 25, 2004

Segrid, Justaf & Ingmar - The Spirit Of Christmas Grows In Our Hearts 3527991998Out of Production

Grace-Glory To The Newborn King Angel 1759941997Limited To 1997 Production

Yule - Building a Sturdy Friendship1411431995
Retired October 1998

Susan - Love Stems From Our Friendship. 2028941996
Retired Sept 2000

Age 3 Bear..."Three Cheers for You"9113131992Current

Pamela & Grayson - A Dash of Love to Warm Your Heart. 3526161998Retired Sept 2000

Hazel...I've Got a Notion to Give You a Potion. 5341291999
Retired 1999

Rose - Everything's Coming Up Roses. 2028861996
Retired Sept 2000
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