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FS: Amby Hammock baby bed, natural

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**This is going to eBay Sunday night if I don't get any takers by then**

Hi! I have a gently used Amby, we got it second hand in PERFECT condition, our dd slept in it about half the night for 6 months. It is in Excellent condition, no flaws. It includes the hammock and mattress and one sheet, plus carrying case. I just washed it and hung it to dry, so it's clean and ready for a new babe

Asking $175 ppd. (these are going for $175 plus shipping on eBay)

I have no trader rating here yet, just started posting on this forum. But, I have bought and sold quite a bit on eBay, my user id there is dumpster*diva*mama, I have perfect feedback there. I understand that this might be a concern since this is a big purchase!!!

PM or email me if you're interested!

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