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Delivery Confirmation is included in shipping.

*ARISTOCRAT, size small, I bought it new and mostly used it only when kalob was in his Kissaluv 0's, and had alot of other covers I was using as well. Washed only in Eucalan, laid flat to dry. $15.50/PPD

*UNDER THE NILE organic Kimono style gown, size 3 months. I put this on my baby maybe once, somehow the ties got a bit tangled up though...and the inside tie needs to be tacked back on the gown. Natural color. $10.50/PPD

*LAVENDER essential oil, full .5 oz bottle. $6.00/PPD

*CHILDREN'S calming bath tea.....there are 9 bags left in the pack, and they smell great! made by WAHM Nature's Primal Mother (no longer in business!) $3.00/PPD

I will be adding more later. If you are interested in something and don't like my price, make me an offer!

Please check out my ebay auctions as well

Please email me at [email protected] with inquiries. This is also my paypal address.

Thank you!
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