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FS: Baby Trekker, Ring Slings

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I have an original Baby Trekker for sale. It is blue in color. The waist velcros and the straps attach with hooks. I would like $25 ppd for this. Looking at this more closely, I see that there is a bit of staining on the top where my toddler gummed this and it is faded. $10 ppd. ***SOLD****

I also have a black flowered sling. The fabric is similar to brocade, but I am unsure of the exact fabric, so I can't say what it is. The sling is a ring sling and padded. It goes with a medium expressiva nursing dress. Let me know if you are interested in both and I can get you a price. The dress is not flowered, but it went well enough together for me. The sling was made by Rebecca at I am asking $20 ppd for the sling. The black sling on this page is my sling,

Thirdly, I have a Nestmom sling. I don't believe these are made anymore as Marti is no longer the owner of the store. This sling was made for me and is small. It has a detachable padded pillow, which has a green marker spot on it, but the sides of the rails are not padded. It is a blue mottled color and goes with jeans or most anything. Well, anything *I* have. LOL
I love this sling for newborns, but I don't expect to have a newborn any time soon. I am asking $18 ppd for the sling.

Pics can be found here.

I would also be interested in a pouch sling or Mei Tai trade. My baby just doesn't want to be slung anymore and so I need to get some paypal for a new carrier.


Offers? Anyone?
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