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I am in love with Baby's Own" onesies...they are so soft, so well made & just my fave!.
Well I needed a bunch of new ones for Henry & they are so expensive so I was stalling & then I came across a wholesale lot on EBAY!! I WON!!
So I am gonna take what I need & this is what is left.....
Each pk. is two tees, BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE!!!
I am asking 5.00 for each package (these retail for $9-12 in stores). Shipping is free unless you get a bunch, then just a couple bucks!

GIRL PRINTS (various)
12M size -7 packs
6M size - 1 pack
24M size - 3 packs
18M size - 1 pack

12M - 1 pack

PLEASE EMAIL ME IF you are interested
[email protected]

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I LOVED these with dd1! If I remember correctly, I think they run a little small for their labeled size (or maybe my dd was just huge?), but they're so soft and thick! Also, they have 2 different snap settings for the length, so they last a while longer than other onesies.
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