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FS birth/parenting books PLUS more Sears,Kitzinger OVER 40 BOOKS

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NEW DEAL**** buy three books and I will take $1 off of the cost. Buy four and I will take $2 off. I save on shipping, so do you

I just added more than a dozen books and have a dozen more sitting on my floor waiting for me to list. Check back!

****** the price includes media rate shipping*****

I need pay pal this week!! Help me out and buy some books. I love these book and would love to keep them in my library but I need pay pal more

The Pregnant Woman's Comfort Book. A self nurturing guide to your emotional well being during pregnancy and early motherhood.
Looks almost new. Just has a sticky mark on the cover where price tag was.

Woman's Experience of Sex by Sheila Kitzinger. In okay shape. The cover is well loved. Paperback. $6. ***sold***

I have two older LLL books of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. If you collect them you might be interested. One is the Third edition (1981) and the other is the 35th Anniversary edition (looks like 1993)$4.25 each

"Unmasking PMS" hardback book with dust jacket good shape $5***sold***

Eat Well Loose Weight WHile Breastfeeding, cover shows some wear and first few pages have bent corners $4.50 a true story about how sexual predators use the internet to trap young teens. Hardback in great shape $5 ***sold***

Hannah, Mormon Midwife hardback in great shape $7***sold***

Marie Osmond Behind the Smile, my journey out of Postpartum Depression
hardback read only once $7

The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant
hardback looks new $6

Hypnosis for a Joyful Pregnancy and Pain-free Labor and Delivery new but has a sticky mark on cover where price tag was $4.50

Milk The Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen (the "Not Milk Man") This is a fantastic book! Visit his webpage for more info. This is a hardback book in great shape. I bought it for $24.95. Yours for $12

The Expectant Father $3.50

A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss has name written on inside cover. Cover a little beat up but otherwise in great shape. This book helped me a ton when my SIL lost her babies. $5.50

High Risk Pregnancy & Delivery By Gilbert and Harmon second edition is a big fat book, over 800 pages long. cover a little beat up, has a sticker from a book exchange place, inside title page has pen mark and there is a few highlighted passages $8 (higher due to it's size=more to ship) it is a $30 book when new

Schindler's List NEW in shrink wrap $5

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
, powerful lessons in personal change By Stephen R. Covey $6

Our Dreaming Mind , a sweeping exploration of the role that dreams have played in our politics, art, religion and phychology, from ancient civilization to the present Day $5.50

Dreamcatching, every parents guide to exploring and understanding children's dreams and nightmares $5

Teach yourself to Dream, a practical Guide. This is a very beautiful book! 5.50

Creative Dreaming how to plan and control your dreams-for increased self-awareness and sensuality, pleasure and creativity, and a richer, more fulfilling life. This is an older book (from the 70's) and it is hardback. The dust jacket looks it's age but the hard cover looks great. This is a great 'classic' book about dreaming. By Patricia Garfield $5.50

SIDS A Parents Guide To Understanding And Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome By Dr. Sears, looks new $5***sold***

The Discipline Book, Everything you Need to Know to Have a Better-Behaved Child-From Birth to Age Ten By Dr. Sears, good shape $6.50***sold***


Damage By Barry Werth. A true story of a family that gave birth to twins. One was born still and the other one barley made it. This is their journey through malpractice lawsuit. A interesting look about what is wrong in today's obstetrics. like new $5

Past Lives, Present Tense ---This is a collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories postulating what life was like as some of the most well-known figures in history. $4

Feel the Fear and do it Anyway: Dynamic techiques for turning fear, indecision, and anger into power, action, and love By Susan Jeffers. old book but in great shape $4

Codependent No More, how to stop controlling others and start controling yourself By Melody Beattie $4

Beyond Codependency and Getting Better All the Time By Melody Beattie $4

Midwives the novel by Chris Bohjalian, sticker mark on the cover but otherwise in great shape $5

The Human Aura by walter j. kilner an old hardback book right from the 60's. in good shape $7

Aromatherapy, The Complete Guide to Plant and Flower Essence for Health and Beauty By Daniele Ryman $5.50

The Premature Baby Book By Helen Harrison cover a little beat up but otherwise looks good $5.50

Why Can't I Eat That, helping Kids Obey Medical Diets The Psychology of getting kids to follow prescribed guidlines for...weight control, diabetes, food allergies, digistive disorders, cancer, hypoglycemia or other medical conditions $4.50

An Easier Childbirth
, a mother's guide for birthing normally by Gayle Peterson. Name sticker on the inside cover, otherwise good shape $6

The Natural Pregnancy Book, Herbs, Nutrition and other Holist Choices

name stamp on first page but otherwise in GREAT shape $6

Bon Appetit Baby
. Practical Breastfeeding Manual, nursing mother's nutrition and weightloss guide, six week nursing diary with the nurse-N-track system, new mother's Journal. this is missing the pen that goes with it. Would make a great keepsake for mom and baby $4

The VBAC Companion, The Expectant Mother's Guide to Vaginal Birth After Cesarean By Diana Korte very pro homebirth name stamp but otherwise in great condition $6***sold***

Natural Pregnancy, a practical holistic guide to wellbeing from con ception to birth By Janet Balaskas cover is a little worn but a great book. The pictures in this book are wonderful $4

The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy By Vicki Iovine. have name on inside cover, good shape $4

Pregnant & Lovin' It By Lindsay R. Curtis and Yvonne Coroles $4

restoring Balance to a Mother's Busy Life by Beth Wilson Saavedra. water mark on top of book. $4

I am going to look through more so keep checking back.

You need to be able to pay pal me by .....
I just found out that I have to send in my payment on Wed. so I will keep on selling until Wed. morning
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Will you take cc paypal?

If yes, I will take:
SIDS, a parents guide to understanding and preventing Sudden infant death syndrome By Dr. Sears. never read, looks new. $4 plus shipping
Yah, if you will add $0.25 to help with the fees

I will PM you with my pay pal address. Could you PM me with you snail mail address? I will figure out shipping and mail it tomorrow. Would you like priority shipping, regular or media mail?

Would you be interested in anything else by Dr. Sears? I also have The Discipline Book, The Attachment Parenting Book and Parenting The Fussy Baby and High-Need Child. I love these book and would love to keep them But I am so desprate for paypal that I have to sell sell sell.
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If shipping wont be more then $2-3 bookrate i'll take

Silent Knife, Cesarean Prevention & Vaginal Birth After Cesarean By Nancy Wainer Cohen. It is pretty beat up. Has water mark on the first few pages. Still a great read. $3 plus shipping
Added ***even more***

come on...momma need some new bras

selling off my books to put in an order for some clothes. (blue canoe bras

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Originally Posted by candipooh
Added ***even more***

come on...momma need some new bras

selling off my books to put in an order for some clothes. (blue canoe bras

ugh! Don't remind me I need new bra's! Yet another expense I haven't thought about!
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Originally Posted by Satori
ugh! Don't remind me I need new bra's! Yet another expense I haven't thought about!

sell stuff on trading post. That is the only way that I can get 'em.

naw, I would just get cheap wal-mart ones instead but I would lots rather get the good ones!!
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Parenting the Fussy and High Needs Child By Dr. Sears $5

Positive Discipline: A to Z 1001 Solutions to everyday parenting Problems $5.50

I'd like these... could you PM me with a paypal address? Thanks!
I'd like the homeschooling book of answers and the unschooling book (ok, I may have jumbled up titles there). Will PM you.

I'd like your dr.Sears Attachment Parenting book
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Originally Posted by Darcy37

Thanks, momma so needs new bra's

I took out the sold ones (shipped them out today ladies) and added a few pending.
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If you need to wait till Sat to paypal then that will be fine.
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I'd take Natural Childbirth the Bradley way if it is still available! a true story about how sexual predators use the internet to trap young teens. Hardback in great shape $5
I would like to purchase this book
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How about the Nursing mother, working mother and the Penny Simpkin books? PM me your paypal!

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