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FS: Black classic Ergo--Sold!

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Black classic Ergo with drawstring carrying bag, EUC.
Asking $60 funded PP.

Love this carrier but dd is hiking on her own now, ds is happy to be snuggled in a pouch and i really need the Paypal!
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Would you consider a partial trade? ISO anything? I only have half in my paypal right now but i've been looking for one for my sister.
Well, we're trying to declutter but there are a few things I'm ISO: MotherEase wrap style covers in small and med, size small glamourmom tanks, baby bjorn little potty and i can always use gc's to amazon, walmart, safeway, target, victorias secret, motherwear or any online store that sells nursing bras/clothes.
i am interested - do you have a link to a description so i can find out more info? thanks!
Still available? Do you have a pic?


I've gotten a bunch of requests for a picture so here it is. Great condition- no tears. Very minimal fading (it has been washed a few times).
1 - 10 of 10 Posts