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FS: Brand New FRESHIES WIO set - Reduced

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When I first got this, it was too big for my ds, but I loved it so I kept it around. In the meantime, I bought too many more covers and diapers, so I should let this move on now. It has never been washed or worn.

Beautiful deep, true red wool cover, side snapping, black snaps, gussets. About a size M, maybe from 15lbs (for a chunky monkey) up to 25lbs if your babe is skinny like mine? It is a trim, stretchy and soft wool jersey.

It comes with 5 snap in contours - each are topped with a burgundy/rust colored microfleece - 4 are backed with black velour, and 1 is backed with hemp fleece.

It is also a great cover for prefolds, as it has a little flap on the inside to tuck the front of a prefold into.

I paid $55 plus shipping for the set. I am asking $40ppd (it is bulky to ship with all the contours). I will send it Priority Mail. IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY PRICE, PLEASE MAKE ME AN OFFER.

Funded Paypal please. Thanks!
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Bumping - this forum sure moves quickly!
Reduced price - this is a great deal!
I tried this on him again last night thinking maybe it would fit now and I could just keep it, but still too big for his chicken legs!

Please make an offer - I can't use it, and it's really a beautiful set, especially the cover!
Are you willing to trade? ISO anything?
Is this still available? And if it is, do you think it would fit a 13 lb'er with 10 in thighs and a 15 in rise?
It is still available, although I just emailed pics to someone and haven't heard from them yet. If you want to see pics, let me know where to email them.

I think the thighs would be a tad big for a 10" baby, but if they are a big roly poly buddha baby, then a lot of the slack would be taken up by their belly, and then it would probably fit. My babe is skinny everywhere - thighs, hips, stomach, so he just doesn't have much to fill it out. There are four snaps on the top and bottom, so it is pretty adjustable. And it has a nice high rise too.

As far as trades, I am mainly looking for wool wraps, size M or thereabouts. I am also always open to wool covers in general, but really only like trim, stretchy wool - which is why I like this Freshies cover so much!

Let me know if you want me to send pics.
Sure- [email protected].
I don't have anything to trade, so would just do paypal.
Are you interested in wool soakers at all? I would have two I could trade for the set. They are new never used made by me one green body with cream leg cuffs and waist, the other cream body with green leg cuffs and waist. Would fit 15lbs to at least 25lbs (they fit my 2 year old with room to grow but I don't know max size since she's the biggest kid I have lol)
For wraps I have a medium stacinator (buff and brown), a medium sugarbum side snap (green with white inner). A red jersey front aplix wrap made by me one fits 8-15lbs another that fits 15-25+ lbs. If you'd like pictures just let me know

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