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FS: Bravado l+, Combi urban bag, diapering stuff

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All prices are postage paid. I accept paypal.

Pics are here

1. Tan newborn/preemie longies. Adorable! $10 ppd

2. Combi Urban Messenger diaper bag. I'd call this "medium" sized. 2 huge pockets undernearth flap. Cell phone holder. 2 pockets on the inside and one zippered pocket. Also a "wet" area that is accessed from a zipper on the outside. I love this bag, but it's just not big enough for 2 kids. $30 ppd, or make me an offer.

3. 10 sugarpeas that are tagged medium but i think are more like smalls. EUC, i bought them used from someone here but am done cloth diapering so I never used them. I'd love to sell them as a lot for $80ppd. I will break them up if someone wants though.

5. FCB AIO size 1. Purple. EUC $18ppd

7. Baby Bits diaper potion. Almost full bag, i think i used 4 of these. $7ppd

9. Wetbag by Nappsacks. Small, would fit about 3 dirty dipes. $6ppd.
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l+ in Bravado is what size?? (I ned something to fit 36-38 D)
i believe their website says 38-42 dd-e. I am a 38 d-dd (depending on when the baby's last feeding was :p) and it fit me perfectly. i think they run a little smaller than they say. I originally ordered the m+ but moved up to the l+.
Hi Erin. I'm interested in your Bravado bras, Fuzzibunz & ME Sandy. PMing you.
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