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Sadly, my DD's skin is allergic to something in the elastic used in most fitted diapers & covers, so I'd like to sell these items that she can't wear.

Everything has been washed in sensiclean / bio-kleen liquid. We're a non-smoking house, but do have 1 cat (who generally stays as far away from the diaper-changing room as possible).

All prices include postage.

1 medium Bumkins velcro diaper wrap, "red zoo" print. I think this was worn twice and washed twice. $8

6 large Snugglebottoms diapers, in unbleached cotton flannel, no velcro. I bought these from and I love them, but DD's legs hate the elastic on these; the elastic isn't any tighter than other fitted diapers we've tried, so unless you have a baby with the same elastic sensitivity as my DD, this shouldn't be a problem for you. They don't have any velcro, so they need to be pinned (snappis don't work on these), or used in a velcro wrap (our medium Bummies SIWW worked perfectly over them, but I usually pinned them and used them with medium Alexis featherlite pull-on pants). These are not super-absorbent, so they're great for daytime but need a doubler for long naps or overnight.

These have been used in light rotation over the past 4 months(DH won't use pins, so he never uses these), so they're in good condition. I think I've sunned out all of the stains, and there is just a bit of pilling to the flannel. $18 for all 6 diapers.

Please let me know if you need more information or want to haggle over prices...

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