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OK,OK, I'm editing this again! New price - take it all for $13! you can't get any better than that - I'll even pay the shipping - I'm going to the post office Thursday and Friday!!! Who wants this!!!? PM me please!

OK, here's the "tried" sample lot:

I have 3 tried samples (about half full) (small sample size) of the lemon butter cuticle creme, Carrot day creme and Hand salve in a little plastic burt's bee's sample case - if you want those you can have them for $2 - I'm guessing that's what shipping would be.
I also found a full sized (but it's still pretty small) Burt's Bees "Wings of Love" Lip shimmer in Inspiration (-that's the color, I'm awful at describing colors, it's sort of pink/rose - almost the color of this smiley
- but a little more intense?) Anyhow, I tried it once and didn't like the color on me -I'll throw it in for an extra $1 if you want it.

Now for the really good stuff (LOT #2)
- I put together a pack of never tried/opened samples. If you don't want this pack I think I'll try to sell it on ebay
- OK, Here we go...
sample sizes - Hand Salve (.3oz)
- Lemon Butter cuticle cream (.3 oz)
- Beewwax Moisturizing creme (.25oz)
- Carrot Day creme (.25oz)
-Wings of Love, Rice paper powdered facial tissues (65 sheets!) - they absorb oil and shine
-Garden Carrot complexion soap (.8oz
-Beeswax Lip Balm (.15oz) - I think that's the full size on this one.
So, they're all packaged in a reuseable Burt's bees sampler case for $5 plus $2 for shipping? How does that sound?
That's seven great samples!

I also have 3 "sampled" full-size products that I really like but never find the time to use:
Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme (2oz)- it smells soooo good!!! about 1/8 is gone out of it - a little goes a long way - $2.75
Burt's Marshmallow Vanishing creme (1.5oz)- smells like marshmallows, it's suppose to be very emollient rich - my husband hates the smell of marshmellows( almost a circus peanut candy smell). This one was about $8 I think. I used maybe 1/6th (I'm trying to error on the side of caution with all my estimates) - $2.75
Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub (2oz)- this is the glass tub of scrub paste - it doesn't take much - 1/5th is missing - $2.00
I'm not sure what shipping would be on these full-sized products because they're in heavier glass containers - I'm guessing $3 or less for shipping on all three.
Come on, you know you want to try them all and pamper yourself!
PM me!!! I don't want to have to go to ebay....
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