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If anyone is interested in any of the following please let me know. I am clearing out the bookcase and need to make room as well as get some funds for some items for the new baby. I do not have a digital camera but will list the condition items are in. Prices do not include shipping but I will mail the cheapest way.<br><br><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Calvert Kindergarten Curriculum $40 obo</span></b><span style="color:#FF0000;">SOLD</span><br>
If you are not familiar w/this curriculum please check out their website for further information. Included in this lot is the following:<br>
-School box w/magnetic closure lid. This is what your child would put their supplies in. Has some red marker on the lid and pencil marks but still functional. My son kept pencils, erasers, scissors, math manipulatives, etc.<br>
-The Music Break, Disc One, new cond<br>
-The Music Break, Disc Two, new cond<br>
-Modeling Clay, brand new<br>
-Paper Fasteners, used but some in box<br>
-Paper Clips<br>
-Math manipulative blocks that connect in red, blue, and yellow<br>
-Calvert Teachers Manual, Complete Home Instruction Course, there is normal wear on the cover of the book from daily in and out of desk, there may be a page or so that might have a pencil mark on it in the beginning...I looked through quickly and couldn't find them though. If a lesson had a particular item needed from the teacher aid book it could be attached to that lesson w/paper clip.<br>
-Teacher Aid Book, This has all the letter slider pages in the front of the book, ready to use; Contains the Music lessons and listing of songs w/lyrics to songs on cd's that are included in unit; Letter/Number Recognition chart; Key word cards (already cut apart but all are there and bundled together; Key picture cards (already cut, all there, and bundled); Key letter cards (already cut, all there, and bundled)<br>
-Poems & Prose Teacher Book<br>
-Science in Your World Book, student writing in it<br>
-Magnet board w/magnetic shape pieces and color diagram w/suggested ideas<br>
-Practice writing pages for end of year, these are photo copied and clipped together<br>
-Sounds & Symbols Early Phonics Storybooks, complete set of 20. I would compare these to the Bob Books. They are really good and my son loved to be able to read a "whole" book by himself as he went through.<br>
-Cut out magnetic story shapes that are colored but in an envelope that can be used w/magnetic shape board to go w/lessons.<br>
-The only thing you would need to purchase seperately would be the student math workbooks, Sounds&Letters book, and the Rainbows Story book. I have included the Rainbows & Sounds & Letters ones my son had but he has written in them already so you might want a new one.<br><br><b>A Series of Unfortunate Events, $8.50</b><span style="color:#FF0000;">SOLD</span><br>
SB, Books 1-10, only the covers on some show wear, no writing in books.<br><b>A Series of Unfortunate Events, $3</b><br>
HB, Books # 7 & 8, one has name written on inside.<br><b>An American Girl, Meet Molly $1.50</b><br>
SB, VGC<br><b>An American Girl, Samantha Learns A Lesson</b><br>
SB, VGC<br><b>Klutz Book, Cat's Cradle $.50</b><span style="color:#FF0000;">SOLD</span><br>
HB, GC, Does not have the string but you can use your own piece of yarn.<br><b>Klutz Book of Magic $1.50</b><br>
SB, VGC, spiral bound, does not have the original few magic pieces but most can be found around the home, alot do not need the ones that were included.<br><b>The Boxcar Children- $5</b><br>
SB,VGC, minor cover wear. No writing in any. This lot includes the following:<br>
#2 The Mystery in Washington<br>
#3 The Mystery at Snowflake Inn<br>
#4 The Mystery at the Ballpark<br>
#5 The Pilgrim Village Mystery<br>
#6 The Mystery at the Fair<br>
#7 The Pet Shop Mystery<br>
#8 The Niagra Falls Mystery<br><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">$.50 for any of the following:</span></b><br>
-SB, Crocodile Beat, EC<br>
-SB, Sherman Crunchley, VGC, no writing has a few turned corners at top<br>
-SB, Earthquack!, VGC, no writing, few bends at top of book pgs<br>
-SB, John Deere, Barney Backhoe and the Big City Dog, EC<br>
-HB, Cuddly Kittens, VGC<br>
-HB, Zoo Babies, VGC<br>
-HB, Playful Puppies, VGC<br>
-HB, The Mitten by Jan Brett, has name written on inside cover other than that perfect condition, awesome illustration throughout the entire book<br>
-HB, The Paint Brush Kid, VGC small mark on one page<br>
-SB, Animal Ark Cub in the Cupboard, VGC<br>
-SB, My Life as a Smashed Burrito w/extra hot sauce #1, VGC<br>
-SB, The Twits, EC<br>
-SB, The City of Ember, VGC, only cover has wear to it<br>
-SB, A Bug's Life, FC, cover has wear and taped on inside, no writing though<br>
-SB, Wild Thornburry's Hanging on to Home, VGC, w/cover wear that has been taped<br>
-SB, SpongeBob Squarepants, The World's Greatest Valentine, EC<br>
-SB, Wild Thornburry's Jungle Mischief, EC<br>
-SB, Sweet Valley Twins~One Of the Gang, GC<br>
-HB, Hey Diddle Diddle, VGC<br>
-SB, Gooney Bird Greene, New<br>
-SB, Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots-or do they?, VGC w/cover bend<br><br><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Any of the following are $1</span></b><br>
-SB, Maniac Magee, New<br>
-SB, Al Capone Does My Shirts, New<br>
-SB, In the Land of the Land Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales, New<br>
-SB, Kensuke's Kingdom, New<br>
-HB, A Little Bit of Heaven, New, A collection of stories, quotes, hymns, scriptures and poems revealing the mysteries of heaven. giftable<br>
-HB, Little Girls Devotional Storybook for Mothers and Daughters, New, giftable<br>
-HB, Lighthouse Family The Storm, New, giftable<br>
-SB, Saffy's Angel, New<br>
-SB, Stone Fox, New<br><br><b>Pony Pals $4</b><br>
-HB, This is a complete series of books from 1 to 8 that are in 2 hardback books. Volume 1 contains books 1 to 4 and Volume 2 contains 5 to 8. EC<br><b>The American Girls Collection $4</b><br>
-SB, Set of three books in a case. This contains the following: Meet Josefina, Josefina Learns a Lesson, Josephina's Surprise. All are in EC. Case has some wear.<br><b>Holly's Heart Series by Beverly Lewis 1-10 $10</b><br>
-SB, VGC, No writing in books. This complete set of books includes the following titles:<br>
Best Friend, Worst Enemy<br>
Secret Summer Dreams<br>
Sealed With a Kiss<br>
The Trouble With Weddings<br>
California Crazy<br>
Second-Best Friend<br>
Good-Bye, Dressel Hills<br>
Straight A Teacher<br>
No Guys Pact<br>
Little White Lies<br><br><b>Animal Ark Books $.50 each</b><br>
-SB, These are all in VGC to EC condition w/no writing and only wear is minimal on cover. Available:<br>
#5 Hedgehogs in the Hall<br>
#6 Badger in the Basement<br>
#7 Sheepdog in the Snow<br>
#8 Cub in thd Cupboard<br>
#14 Goose on the Loose<br>
#15 Bunnies in the Bathroom<br>
#27 Pony in a Package<br>
#30 Pup at the Palace<br>
#36 Husky in a Hut<br><br>
If anyone is interested in K12 Curriculum for 4th or 5th grade I have many of those items available as well. Teachers manuals and student books/workbooks, most are brand new, not used. Please pm me about any of those.<span style="color:#FF0000;">SOLD</span><br><br>
Whew that was alot of typing lol <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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am bump <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/loveeyes.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="Loveeyes">:

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Very interested in all your calvert stuff.<br>
Even the 4th and 5th grade, K too.<br>
How much for all? PM'ed You.<br>

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Oh no! How did I miss this last night? If KTMelody changes her mind about the Calvert K stuff, I'm interested.<br><br>

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bumping and marked sold items...sorry melissel the Kindergarten as well as 4/5th grade curriculum sold. i wish i had more to go around.
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