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This is the old style in the black shoulder bag. It is 8 years old, but works perectly, Hasn't really been used in 7 years (I have been a SAHM since #2, no need to pump). Lent to a friend in December, she broke a part and has had it repaired. Works great. Has no bottles yet (if you need them I can find them, at least some of them).Has 2 sections of tubing, 2 breast parts that screw into the bottles and an AVENT adaptor for one of htem to pump directly into an Avent bottle. This is the same one that hospitals use and you can get new tubes and breast things (sorry, have no idea what to call them) at babies-R-Us and other retailers, if you have a "thing" about useing used parts. Has owners manual.

Has a storage section for parts on one side and a cooler compartment for breast milk storage on the other. Has a spot in the cover to insert a picture of your kid to help in let down.

Bought for over $325 will sell for $125. An industrial machine. Shipping will be at cost...send me your zip and I will figure it out.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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