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I have an Ameda Purely Yours breastpump, which has been gently used. (I only needed to pump for emergency stash in the freezer now & then.) My dd is old enough now I don't need it & I know some mama here will get great use out of it!

I found this to be an effective pump and very easy to use. There is a pic of one like it here

The carry-all tote seems to have changed style this year, the one I have is from last year and a different shape. The actual pump part is the same as in the link though. I can email you a pic of mine.

The pump is in excellent condition, still all the original parts, and I'll include a few extra storage bottles and a package of freezer storage bags too.
It retailed last year for $250, I'd like $115 for it.

thanks! mamabutterfly
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