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It is time to come to the realization that I just don't dig fleece.

All of these items were purchased here on the TP so if I am selling something I bought from you - please don't take it personally! I keep trying fleece and it just doesn't work for us.

Size Small Stacinator 1 layer fleece cover. Side snaps. Blue and yellow stars and moons. VGC - just normal pilling. $10ppd

Size small Tushie Coverz daytime fleece cover. Red with blue moon and star applique on bum. Front aplix closure. This is a little more worn but very cute with lots of life in it. $4ppd

Size Small Chumbas AIO. Side snaps. Blue fleece outer with lions and puppies driving cars. Lay in front wetter fleece topped hemp soaker. EC - $8ppd

**Take all 3 smalls for $20ppd!!

Size Medium Anglewraps AIO. Blue/Grey fleece outer with yellow and bright color star flannel inner. Lay in coordinating soaker. Front aplix closure. VGC - some light faded spots on the soaker. $12ppd. **SOLD**

Paypal only please.

Please PM me if interested or for pics (be sure to include your email addy) Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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