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FOR SALE: Friendshifts: The Power of Friendship and How It Shapes Our Lives by Jan Yagar.<br>
Paid over $30 plus shipping since it was a hardcover special addition. Looks NEW! Only read a couple of pages.<br><br>
Asking $15ppd<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
A rewarding, sensible self-help manual for making, keeping and improving friendships, sociologist Yager's how-to takes its title from a word she coined, which refers to the way friendships change as we move through life's stages. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with adults, children, teenagers, workers and executives, she examines the challenges to friendship posed by marriage, divorce, parenthood, job changes and geographic relocation. Yager, whose 10 nonfiction books include Single in America, has distilled a morass of psychological and sociological research, including her own. Among her findings: it takes an average of three years to form a genuine friendship; women, as they advance in the corporate hierarchy, increasingly distrust workplace friendships, whereas men open up and trust these friends more; friendships can be a source of help for dysfunctional families, and for adults who had poor early relationships with parents or siblings. This primer amply supports its central message, that friends are vital to our emotional health.

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For DS age 2.5<br>
-Socks: Boys Socks. New White socks or new/used Old Navy Cuff Socks or Hanna Socks especially. Size 2T-4T<br>
-Sneakers/Shoes size 9 , 9 ½ , 10 . No characters please. Velcro would be great, but not necessary. Please send information first and pictures.<br>
- NIP children's medicines (tylenol, etc)<br>
- NIP children’s underware size 4T<br>
- Hanna underware size 3T through 6<br>
- organic or nutri grain fruit bars for DD (new in package, have to package them well since he will not eat them broken )<br>
- Oatmeal packages (prefer low sugar ones or plain, but will try anything)<br>
- Goldfish (new in package) Organic cheddar bunnies or something similar. Pack well so it is not crushed.<br>
- Organic Peanut Butter (new in package)<br>
- Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate)<br>
- Cheerios cereal or the organic kind (pack well so not crushed, new in package)<br>
- Organic bran cookies (new in package)<br>
- Chef Boy R Dee or similar small microwave meals in the tubs (only pastas please, gross I know...but I like to have a fee handy in case)<br>
- Big Brother Clothing<br>
- Kids Disney Pool Towels (we have nemo, gender neutral/boyish)<br><br>
For Baby due in August<br>
- Hanna Sleepers size 50 and 60. Boyish/Girly/or Gender Neurtal.<br>
- Disposable diapers, any size<br>
- Ergo<br>
-mei tai sling (or similiar)<br>
-peanut shell<br>
- Bumbo Seat<br>
- Little Brother clothing<br>
-Newborn swadders/ Newborn wipes<br>
- all free and clear (samples fine)<br>
- baby detergent (samples fine)<br>
- Graco Snugride (perfect condition)<br><br>
-First Games. Check with me to see what we have.<br>
-<a href="" target="_blank">Any Haba Games</a> Just ask to see what we have.<br>
- Any Co-operative games. Another link.<br>
-A B SEAS® Alphabet Fishing Game from Discovery Toys<br>
-CATERPILLAR COLOR RACE Game from Discovery Toys<br>
-OPPOSITE PAIRS puzzle from Discovery Toys<br>
-PLAYFUL PATTERNS® Design Activity from Discovery Toys<br>
- WILD WOODS Game from Discovery Toys<br>
- ROLL & PLAY Activity Game from Discovery Toys<br>
-THE WAY I FEEL Rhyming Picture Storybook by Discovery Toys<br>
-beeswax/natural block crayons<br>
-a set of tree blocks<br>
-Melissa and Doug pattern blocks<br>
- Gears by Imaginarium<br>
-Nesting caves, tunnels, houses (the Waldorfy rainbow type things)<br>
- boyish dress up clothing<br>
-boyish dress up hats (no contruction or fireman)<br>
- books about being a big/little brother (we have some so PM first)<br>
- collage paper - the sticky kind ... really want this...<br>
- Art Supplies: Need Washable Markers, PM me first if you have anything else.<br>
- Paint with Water book<br>
-<a href="" target="_blank">Wooden puzzles.</a> Some like this, but obviously does not have to be these. None with pegs or knobs.<br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Sound Box Game</a>- this kind of puzzle<br>
-Books on emotions for kids (just check with me to see if we have)<br>
-Silly Expressions game by discovery toys<br>
-Colorforms (check with me first with what you have, vintage ok)<br>
-Vintage Little People (check with me first on condition. Would love the people/animals/furniture with them) Ferris Wheel, Hospital, Swimming Pool, School, Sesame Street<br>
-<a href="" target="_blank">Foam Letters</a>- Alphabet stamps<br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Car Stamps</a><br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Jumbo Pipe Connectors</a><br>
-<a href="" target="_blank">Dress Up Carousel</a><br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Elastic Art</a><br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Melissa and Doug See and Spell</a><br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Magnetic Shape Kit</a><br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">scale</a><br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Nuts and Bolts</a><br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Sequencing Beads with Stands</a><br>
-<a href="" target="_blank">puzzle me ups</a><br>
-<a href="" target="_blank">puzzle like this</a><br>
- <a href="" target="_blank">puzzle like this</a><br><br>
For me<br>
-Free diaper coupons<br>
-Yankee Candle Chocolate Chip or Lemon Pound Cake only<br>
-Yankee Candle Car Airfreshener: check with me on the scent<br>
-Any shampoos/conditioners/body washes that smell like baked goods<br>
-Dryer Balls<br><br>
Weight Watchers Cookbooks<br>
Anything on my wish list below. Lots of Parenting books/Kids Books<br>
Oak Meadow Homeschooling materials for preschool level.<br><br>
For Everyone<br>
-Bath and Body Works Anti Bac Hand Soap (any kind is fine, doesn't have to be completely full either)<br>
-Bath and Body Works Anti Bac Gel (any kind is fine, doesn't have to be completely full either)<br>
-Bath and Body Works Anti Bac Wipes (any kind is fine, doesn't have to be completely full either)<br>
-Diapers (pampers, huggies, white cloud, whatever really) size newborn through size 6.<br><br>
GCs/Store Credit:<br>
-Babies/Toys R Us<br>
-dunkin dounuts<br>
-have an idea...try me<br><br>
Anything off my wish list. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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