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I have a bunch of my Fuz f/s. I'm trying to get up enough money to buy a serger
. I've gone over everything w/a fine tooth comb so you know what your getting. All the diapers are a little faded as happens w/Fuz diapers and the bindings are perfect unless stated. Everything is ppd w/del confirmation insurance is extra unless stated(outside us will be a little more). I can only take funded paypal. Pictures of everything are here:

First I have a med Ice Star AIO w/2 contours. Excellent condition, contours were only used by me a couple of times, I think these are organic cotton. The cover does have a little bleeding on the yellow binding from the dark blue wool. Let me preface my amount by saying I won this on an ebay auction for $158.50(shipping included) from Chris/MAJiC Mama so I'm not trying to make any money selling it. I would like $130.00 priority mail and insurance included *******PENDING*********

1 med March diaper garden. Cover is a Fuz Bomb. Excellent condition. Diaper is the speckled egg in hemp(this was my fav diaper, I have 2 more I'm keeping
) $60.00 for the set or $45 for the cover and $25 for the diaper.

1 med April blue skies Fuz diaper garden diaper. I think this one is called the blue skies, in hemp. Good condition. The inside of the diaper has what looks to be faint fading in the gussets from my dd's urine. Also there is a run in the binding at the top, back of the diaper. $22.00 *******SOLD********

1 med April blue skies Fuz diaper garden diaper. This one is the burning sun, in hemp. Excellent condition. The only thing I could find wrong w/this diaper is there is place on the front that has some blue on it (you can see it in the picture). I have no idea what it's from but the blue does match the blue on the blue skys diaper so I think it must have come like that. For some reason the fading on this one is more pronounced and this one was used less than the others so it must have something to do w/the dye. $25.00 *******SOLD********

1 med organic Fuz diaper. This one matches the turnip DG. excellent condition. $25.00

1 med Feburary turnip diaper garden diaper. This one is organic cotton excellent condition. $25.00 *******SOLD********

1 large LTG excellent condition I got this from another mama and was never used by us. $25.00

Pm me if your interested and Thanks for looking
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