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FS: Gap Jeans / Long and Lean -- Size 4R and 6R

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These jeans are in GREAT condition. I just bought them on eBay and they were the wrong size. It's my favortite style of Gap comfy!

Photo of the 4R
Photo of the 6R

Paypal only please .... msjanssen @ hotmail . com

$9 each plus $4.00 shipping.
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I'm interested, but not sure which size.
What are the inseams?
Could you give me any more info on what measurements they would fit?
Off to find my tape measure...

ETA: I've lost all my baby weight and then some, so all my jeans are too big. I used to consider myself a 6L, but either I'm shrinking (more than I thought!) or sizes are getting bigger and longer!
Don't have a Gap anywhere close, so I'm unfamiliar with their sizes.
The inseam is 32 on both. They both have a little spandex/lycra in them as well, so they have some give. Here is the page at can see how they describe it.

Hope this helps!
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