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I bought this outfit through the co-op and it turned out to be a little short for me as I am quite tall.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
The color is mist, which is a muted mint green (not the color shown) The fabric is hemp/tencel (kind of linen like). It is washable!<br><br>
It is a size M<br>
Here are the measurements:<br>
elastic waist (unstretched) 28"<br>
length 27"<br>
bust (measured under armpit) 38"<br>
sleeve (3/4 sleeve) 16"<br>
length from back neck: 20"<br><br>
I have 100% positive ebay feedback (will link you there if necessary)<br><br>
I paid $57 for this outfit and I will sell it for what I paid (+ $4 for priority mail shipping = total $61)
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