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NOW 35 PPD and will ship already tomorrow morning!!


I have a very beautiful Heavenly Bundle pouch I got last Saturday.
Wonderful in the coveted Bounding Blossoms fabric from Michael ****** (called #1008 in the HB site) I am a size 5 (M) with the Hotslings and this fits me perfectly.

It has light padding for your baby's comfort and is lined with black saten.

It pains me to do it, but I am selling it because I need the cash
and I can't justify having 2 pouches when money is tight (I have a solarveil one which I will be wearing more this summer)

Here is the HB site: (#1008)

Here are some pics:

I paid $30 + $2 for the padding + 5 for the shipping = $37
I have only worn it 4 times briefly and I am asking the same shipped (now reduced - see above)

You could get this gorgeous pouch as soon as Monday or Tuesday if you pay tonight - and avoid the wait for a custom one!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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