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Okay, I need these out of my house. I can email pics upon request, but everything is totally stain free and in perfect condition.

1. SOS Letter People print - this is my absolutely fave print, I paid $25 for this diaper. It has been worn 2x, no stains, perfect like new condition. It seems to be cut a tad bigger than most SOS, which is why it doesn't fit perfectly on my skinny minny little guy, but shouldn't be a problem for most other babes. $13ppd **PENDING**

2. Darling Diapers hemp fitted, size M with two rows of snaps on the front - natural on the outside with teal serging, lighter teal inside, with quick dry soaker. Excellent, like new condition, worn 1x. $9ppd **SOLD**

3. 7th Heaven Babies hemp fitted, size M - natural color with primary serging, snap front. Quick dry soaker. Excellent, like new condition, worn 1x. $8ppd

4. Country Cozy AIO, size L - brand new, washed but never worn. This is never going to fit my little guy, but I absolutely love it. It is french blue fleece on the outside, with PRR airplane print on the inside, with coordinating airplant front velcro tabs (looks like a Honeyboy). Inside has great quick dry soaker design. This was a limited edition diaper that they did that I can't find on their site anymore. $15ppd **SOLD**

5. Fuzzibunz, size L, dark blue - this is the old style, but has never been worn because it was always too big for my little one. It has been washed. I am selling it cheap because the sewing on the top of it is shaped oddly in the corner - this is no way affects functionality, and you can't see it once it's snapped. Basically one side is rounded and the other is a little more pointed due to a sewing error. $8ppd

6. Chumbas SuperTrim AIO, Size M, Side Snap - this is a red white and blue swirl tie dye outer, with a red velour inner - quick dry soaker. Excellent condition. $12ppd **SOLD**

Funded paypal only please.
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