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For sale or trade.....I will post pictures tomorrow night or as soon as I find my camera. lol (I am praying I didn't leave it at my dd's dance recital last night.)

Gypsy Mama gauze wrap - This is in good slightly used condition. It is natural colored with a blue patterned dragonfly on the center. You can actually see the picture on her site...
Look about halfway down the page. It is 5 yards long. This wrap does not have a pocket on it. The head of the dragonfly applique has pulled away from the stitching and frayed a little bit. I could probably fix it, but I don't have time and haven't tried. The rest of the wrap is in excellent condition and is very comfortable. I am only selling it because I seem to use mt's more often. $30 ppd. or best offer.

Navy blue and white plaid crinkle cotton no sew wrap. I made this one following mamatoto's instructions. I didn't hem any of it, just used the rubberbands at the ends. It is 5 yards long and about 38 inches wide. I found this to be very comfortable and cool when I still carried my 3 year old. You could very easily hem it if you find it too wide. $12 ppd. -PENDING

16 microfiber towels that I bought at costco to use in pocket diapers and in wraps. These towels are 16x16, thick, and yellow in color. These are a bit thicker and bigger than the walmart automotive towels. Three of them have been cut and sewn into contoured three layer soakers that are the same size as a large joey bunz. 5 of them have been used one time each. They have all been washed in sportwash 3 times to make sure that the color would not bleed. Take them all for $9ppd.

I accept paypal.

I am willing to trade for...
Stretch padded hotsling size 4
Mesh or solarveil Water or hot weather sling
premium prefitteds from gmar
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