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FS: Happy Heinys Pocket Trainers

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I have 4 size medium (30-40 lbs.) Happy Heinys Pocket Trainers for sale. They are just like regular HHs but in a pull up style with an elastic waist.

I bought these to use as nightime trainers for dd but realize now that I jumped the gun as she is nowhere near ready for nightime potty learning. So I thought someone else might need them and get some use out of them now.

They are a very cute teal/blue sailboat and fishy print. They are all in excellent condition.
$12 each ppd (paypal only)**2 are pending**

PM if interested or for pics (include your email addy) - Thanks!
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Bumping this up. This is a *GREAT* deal (they are usually $16ish each!) but I can't use them because they are too small.

Thanks though,
Thanks for the bump, Kay! I am bumping again to say 2 of these are pending but I still have 2 left
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One last bump for the 2 I still have left!
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