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Four gently used all hemp, bikini-cut cuddlebuns for sale, velous inner, includes deluxe toddler snap-in doubler lined with microfleece. The second two have a small light stain each, very hard to notice except in bright light, but I want to be accurate. Otherwise, excellent condition:
Purple tie-dye $14
Animal print on white background $14
Light blue, navy and white retro swirls print $13
Turquoise with beautiful dragonfly print $13

I can email pics of the above if you contact me at [email protected] with your email address.

Also, two fancypants diapers in size medium. These are great pocket diapers, trimmer through the crotch than FB or HH, with the softest, most buttery fleece I've felt.
White PUL outer with purple inner $7
Transportation theme with blues, greens and whites, white fleece inner. $7

Thanks for looking!
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