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I would like these, paid by cc paypal and sent to 87108:


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Theme Series: Eggs. Integrated activities for whole language and thematic teaching(speaking, reading and writing/cooking/arts and crafts/music and creative dramatics/social studies/math & science/literature/P.E. & health). Grades 2-3 Label partially removed on back cover took a little bit of the yellow color off the back cover). $2.00

Year 'Round activities for four-year-old children. Preschool curriculum activities library. Name inside cover. $5.00

Teaching Children about food: a teaching and activities guide. (cooking, gardening activities for children, tips to help children become smart consumers, ways to teach appreciation for cultural diversity regarding food choices and preparation. understanding of the relationship between food and our environment). Name inside cover. $3.00

Guiding your Catholic preschooler. $4.00

My friends, my family and me: make your own emergent readers. grades k-2. Includes 10 reproducible books kids can make and read on their own. $2.00

Christian Home Educators' curriculum manual by Cathy Duffy. Junior/senior high. has name inside cover and underlining. Some wear to cover...huge book!! $5.00

Christian Home Educator's curriculum manual by cathy duffy: elementary grades. Cover has some wear..looks like something was spilled on this, but the pages aren't stuck together...just kind of wavy. $4.00

Exploring God's world: science investigations and more. Primary. Includes units on: rainbows, magnets, sound seeds and 16 other topics. $2.00

Japan: world neighbor series: a multicultural study to celebrate our diversity. I believe this is a unit study book. Grades k-3. I did notice one note someone wrote on one of the pages, and it looks like it's in pencil. Cover shows some wear. $2.00

Advent arts & Christmas crafts with prayers and rituals for family, school and Church. $3.00

Fune with water and bubbles: little scientists hands-on activities. why do bubbles pop? what floats? what sinks? does water have
skin? why are bubbles round? Kid-tested & parent-approved safe, affordable science activities for children 5 and up. Back cover has a crease on it. $3.00

I have a question about this one:
Image of God Series. Who Am I? Teacher's Manual(this is a Catholic home Religion program. The Teacher's Manual is good for the preschool and Kindergarten years. I somehow ended up with 2 copies!! $7.00

Is the teacher's manual stand alone or is there some workbook or other text that goes with it? In other words, could I use this as-is?

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What would you recommend for my 4yo? Since his birthday is so late in the year he won't get to start kindergarten until he is almost 6 and I would like to give him a little head start at home.
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