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My beloved sister is "creeped out" by the thought of her boys wearing their brothers' old shoes.... so despite the fact that she had 3 boys within 3 years, she *THROWS AWAY* her children's shoes.

She finally agreed to let me sell them, even though she thinks it is really gross!

Sz 9 Cherokee Fisherman Closed Toe Sandals
These sandals are in EXCELLENT condition. Velcro at ankle, leather upper. Soles in great shape! If you want more pics, just ask! Asking $5ppd (OBO)

Sz 6 Cherokee Leather Sandals
These sandals are also in great shape! Her son only fit in these for a month, so they're really in very very very good condition! Asking $5ppd (OBO)

Sz 7 1/2 Boys Dress Shoes, Brown Leather
These shoes are in great shape, again. Have one tiny scuff on front of left shoe. I don't think he wore these more than a few times. They're "smartfit" brand, whatever that is?? Asking $5ppd (OBO)

Sz 2 Cherokee Sporty Sandals
These are SOOO cute! TIny little black sandals. I know her son wore them last summer, but he couldn't even crawl yet, so they have NO wear or tear. These are lighter to mail, so $4ppd (OBO)

I'd sell the whole lot for $15ppd if you wanted.

I'm really not trying to make much money, I just have NO clue how much they will cost to mail, so I estimated $2 shipping per item.... so $3 cost and $2 shipping....

PM me if you're interested!

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