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Ivy Rose PUL cover side aplix w/ butterflies on yellow print. Used about two months before packing it away. the foldover elastic is a bit pilly. Other wise EC - $11 ppd

Aristorcart size Large - very fleted so fits smaller. $16ppd

Large Hippobottonus Wool - a rich fushia - color bleeds (all of my wool does this though) and has very slight fading inside cover. Side snap with cream side snaps. Used only for a couple of moths every third or fourth night. VERY roomy cover great for a baby that needs bulky diaper $16.50 ppd

Berry Basic AIO from Strawberries n' Sunshine ( This is a large and too large for my baby. WASHED ONCE because she wet in it while I was trying it on for fit so I'm unable to return it
Comes with the lay in doubler which is unwashed and unused - $15ppd

size 2 kissaluvs fleece. There may be very light staining, but not to my eye. Used only a couple of months. VGC - $7.25ppd

size 1 kissaluv fleece/ terry combo -EC - $7.25ppd

M/L airflow whales print - some "pink" on the inside of the lamination .. doesn't show outside. OTherwise EC - $6.25ppd

M/L airflow solid cream - very rough condition.. just looks ugly.. but works perfectly $4ppd

size1 fleece kissaluv - this isn't marked as a seconds, but I can tell by the fit that it's got elastic that is too tight. I had a batch replaced because of this, but this one must have missed the boat. no stains, looks great, just fits small - $3.75ppd

medium wool covers/AIO shells made by me in lavender and jade wool jersey - there are four color combos - $15 ea. email for details if interested

Non credit card paypal only please Email me [email protected]
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