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I bought these for my son a few weeks ago. He hates sandals - has a major freak-out if anything gets in his shoes. I don't know why I thought these would be any different. :LOL

He's worn them four times for about 1/2 hour tops (most of which I spent taking them off for him and putting them back on).

They're exactly as pictured here, size 12, and still look new:

Sizing info: He actually wears a size 11 and they fit him well with a good bit of room to grow (though not so much that he'd trip over the ends). My guess is that they'd fit 11-11.5 but might be a little snug for a true size 12.

These are great shoes - comfortable, breathable, waterproof, and toe-stub proof. I'd like to get $35ppd for them. I spent over $50 for them and, like I said, they're hardly worn.

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