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All prices are ppd for 1st class shipping. If you want priority let me know and I will get a price for you.

Kissaluvs size 0:

2 terry/fleece combos... GC some stray strings $7.50ppd each
2 fleece EC $8ppd each
5 EC colors (1blue, 2green, 2yellow) $8.50ppd each
1 purple that is missing a snap. Kissaluvs I'm sure would replace it but i'm too lazy $6ppd

All of these were only used a few times and have no staining.

or $75ppd for all kissaluvs. If you buy them all I will even throw in 6 kissaluvs wipes that have never been used!

2 Bummis Super Snap WW never used $8/each.
2 Bummis SWW velcro never used $8/each.
The Bummis have an "x" on the tag that would usually mean seconds but they were not sold to me as seconds. There is nothing wrong with these at all.

2 Stacinator Deluxe Fleece covers, one buff and one sea life... never used $12 each.

I can take pictures if you want.

fine print: paypal, no cc's only. I have a newborn so it may take me a day or two to actually make it out of the house to the PO so please be patient.
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