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fine print: non-cc paypal or cc paypal if you chip in for the fees. I can take pics of anything you want. I have a newborn so please be patient with shipping (although I almost always can get to the po the next day). Shipping is not included in prices.. let me know your zip and I will estimate postage. If I am over by more than $1 I will refund but I haven't had to do this yet. I can send either 1st class or priority and I always pay for delivery confirmation.

Kissaluvs 2nd's size 2, terry/fleece combos and all fleece. Never washed, never worn $8 each or 2 for $15.

size2: 1 combo, 7 all fleece

Kissaluvs 1st quality size 1's. 2 all fleece. $9 each or 2 for $17.

Kissaluvs Contours one of each color size S/M. Yellow was worn once and washed. Purple, Lime, Peach and Blue all new, never worn, never washed. $20 for all 5.

FB's 2nds, mediums - Never washed, never worn White and some colors.
2 red and 2 yellow that have nothing visibly wrong with them $12 each.. they don't even have the 2nds mark on the tag.
2 yellow with a few ink stains $11 each
4 whites $10 each

Bummis covers, small, 2 w/ snaps and 2 w/ velcro. Never washed or worn. They have x's on the tags but I was not told that they were 2nds. $7 each

Diaper Garden March Egg Buz Fuz, good used condition with no stains, tears or rips. It is a little faded. $22


Angel Luvs Fleece Covers Size medium $8 each or both for $10.

Dewdrops I have 5 size small gender neutral Dewdrops that don't fit DS anymore but I love them so much I'm having
trouble getting rid of them... but I must! I bought too many dipes
the past few weeks. $6.50 each or all 5 for $30 *PENDING*


Sugarplum Baby newborn fitted. Beetle print. Worn just a few time, Ex condition with no stains. $6
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These are already pending but...

To be honest I'm not sure... DS hasn't been weighed since 2 weeks old when he was 8lbs 5oz. I can still get them on him (I never even used the widest snaps) but he is a string bean so they are too small in the rise now. I would guess he is between 11 and 11 1/2 lbs now and about 24 inches.
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