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All prices include shipping. All descriptions with pics and prices

email: [email protected]
password wehrle33

7 Kissaluvs size 1
2 Mother-ease airflow covers
3 Little Lanes
4 NB kissaluvs contours
2 m/l kissaluvs contours
5 Medium alexisfeatherlites
2 Small featherlites
Sugar Plum Baby Small Cover
5 SmallOld Style Happy Heinys (very small in comparison to the new style) no tags on all but one, I was told they are hh's and I believe they are) they are perfect for the newborn.

FS: Hip hammock, blue with black fleece interior excellent condition. I purchased this here but unfortunately I didnt pay any attention to the fact it is for a Right handed person. Baby will sit on left hip. $35.00 PPD. Check them out at

Paypal only...........Funded or CC OK.

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melissa wehrle is sharing pictures with you
using Shutterfly, the leading online photo service.

To view melissa wehrle's pictures at Shutterfly,
simply go to:

(If you can't click on this link, try copying and pasting it
into your web browser.)

This is the link from the email they sent me. If this doesnt work the user name is [email protected]
and the password is wehrle33. Sorry about any confusion
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