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For Sale, paypal preferred

Lazy Luke's Sling, $20 PPD

In very good condition. White with faux fur on tail and above rings. Really fun!
This has a closed tail and no padding. Worn a few times (I just have too many slings! *lol*). Retails for $30 plus shipping, if I remember correctly.

Style-wise, it's like this one with a closed tail, but WITHOUT the fish. Where the silver is on this, that's where the white faux fur is on mine, and the whole sling is white, with silver rings.

Christy is so sweet!!
She saw this post and pm'd with a link to a picture of the sling.
Here it is:

Lovely Mama Pouch, $18.50 PPD

You can see the style here: And click on fabrics, it's the pink toile on the fabric pages - SOOOO pretty. This is sized to fit me, but it's just a little big. I am 5'0" and about 140 (sigh). I would say it's a small/med but lmk if you want measurements and I can measure it.

If you'd like to see a pic, please pm me with your email address and I can snap a pic to send.

Only parting with these to get $ together for ds dental work and to get to my sister's wedding next week.

Thanks for looking!

(Edited to add, I have lots of feedback at eBay under "peacefulpatchwork" and also at AmityMama, I've got three pages of feedback as *snowflake* and 5,000+ posts LOL)
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