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FS Leap Frog Learning DVDs

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SOLD! woohoo Thanks Barbara!!
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Do you mean the cartridges? We use leapster and it just has cartridges.

I'd be interested in the last 2 if anyone else wants the first one.
No, they are DVDs. It has the same characters as the Leap Frog leapster (Mr. Wesley, Leap, Lily, Tad) It a cartoon that teaches pre-reading and reading. I would joke that it was tricking my children into learning. They LOVED to watch them and at the same time learned the sounds of the Alphabet and building words.

Here is a description I found online that says it all...

The first one:
Tad, Leap, and Lily hop from the pages of the amazingly popular Leap Pad learning toys onto the television screen in this attention grabbing phonics program. Tad's disappointment at being unable to help his family with an important presentation at the letter factory quickly turns to excitement when he meets Professor Quigley and joins each of the letters of the alphabet in their own fun-filled classroom devoted to learning their unique sound. Tad practices karate kicks with the k's, digs the vibes with the cool cat d's drumming on the bongos, and snores peacefully with the z's while learning to recognize each letter and the sound it makes. A catchy, fun song serves as a summation of each letter's "class" and entices even the most reluctant of toddlers (and their parents) to sing each letter's sound. An interactive game follows the program and gives children a chance to practice their newfound skills of recognizing letters and their sounds.

The second one:
Building words is an exciting and empowering experience for young children (and frogs) who have mastered individual letters and their sounds. When young Tad wants to nominate his Dad for a "Best Dad" contest he asks his brother Leap and sister Lily for some help filling out the application. The three young frogs go see Professor Quigley at their Father's Talking Word Factory for a little instruction and get to watch the "Sticky-ick-o-rama" and the "Word Whammer" machines at work. Tad quickly discovers that vowels act as the glue that sticks letters together and then learns to combine individual letter sounds to make three-letter words, use common ending sounds to create rhyming words, and blend letter sounds to make even longer rhyming words. Phonemic awareness, vocabulary building, and rhyming are entertaining and fun thanks to familiar Leap Pad characters, colorful animation, and short songs. An interactive word game challenges young viewers to fill in the missing first letter in a variety of three-letter words.

The third:
When Mr. Websley is accidentally silenced by the Silent E Machine, Leap, Lily, and Tad must journey through the Complex Word Complex to build the code words needed to return his voice. Guided only by the "Absent Professor Device," the kids learn how to build the complex words needed to solve the code and save the day. Humorous songs add to the fun and help teach the rules for advanced word building.
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