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I have several pairs of nice sturdy boys' winter shoes & boots for sale, in very good condition, ranging from toddler size 8 to boys size 12. some of these have only been worn 1-2 times. All prices are postage paid.

1) Size 9 orangish-brown boots, in style they remind me a lot of Doc Martens in their design, especially the thick rubber soles with deep treads. Great shape, brand is Cherokee $9
sturdy "work" boots

3)Size 11 Hot Wheels shoes. These are made mostly of leather on the outside. They have thick sturdy soles and sip up on the top. Wheels and headlights on race car light up when child walks. $10 hot wheels shoes

4) A pair of seriously warm winter/snow boots, size 12. The brand is Weather Guard and they are made in Canada. They are very good quality, expensive boots that were worn very little. The outside is rubber, and there is an inside layer of fleece (not fluffy fleece but this padded down carpet-like fleece. It may be Gortex? That same material covers the bottom of the boot, on the inside, so
they are definitely very warm and fully water/snow-proof. $20warm snow boots
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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