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I don't have a digital camera so I'll describe these as best I can.<br><br>
I have four long sleeve nursing shirts:<br><br>
1. Flannel button-down with color. White background with tiny flowers in hues of light blue, dusty blue, green. Has shoulder flaps that snap down. Lift up shoulder flaps to see nursing openings underneath. Not sure the brand - tag cut out. It's either a L or XL. I wore it as a sleep shirt.<br><br>
2. Mother-Two-Be size XL. Long sleeve, mock turtleneck look. Hunter Green with a black floral print. Looks like small bleach spots on the front from cleaning. This has the "crop front" with nursing openings underneath the cropped layer. Since it's got some bleach spatter on the front, would be best for being around the house.<br><br>
3. Motherwear size XL - dark blue with floral print in shades of lighter blue, darker blue and white. This is long sleeve, turtleneck. It has the princess seam nursing openings. (Flat front with two openings on either side that you just pull over.)<br><br>
4. Motherhood nursingwear size XL. Dark plum/eggplant color. Long sleeve, v-neck. Looks like a regular shirt, but you lift up the front layer and there are nursing opening underneath. NOT a cropped front layer, it's a full coverage front layer, full coverage underlayer.<br><br><br>
I'd like to get $20 for all 4 shirts, plus the cost of shipping which will probably run about $12. So a total of $32 for all four shirts. I prefer paypal!!!
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